Сельскохозяйственное оборудование ZTS TESS LKT 81 Turbo - Польша

94 700 PLN
Тип машиныРазное сельскохозяйственное оборудование
Марка / модельZTS TESS LKT 81 Turbo
Год выпуска2007
Кол-во отработаного времени (моточасы)1 887 ч
ГородSłomczyn 70, 05-600 Grójec
Страна местонахождения
Mascus IDBB5A6398
Выбор валюты
Цена без НДС681 714 UAH
НДС Не включает возмещение НДС
Цена с учетом НДС -
Складской номерAFF1510
Серийный номер8879
Прочая информацияTechnical means data

General data

Category of technical means agricultural machine

Type of technical means Forestry tractor - Skidder

Manufacturer ZTS TESS Lesne traktory a.s.

Model, Type LKT 81 Turbo

Serial number / identification 8879

Registration number / registration 6093

Mileage / counter indication 1 887 mtg

Year of manufacture 2007

Technical parameters

Curb weight 7065 kg

Engine power 72 kW/98 HP

Transmission 5 speed gearbox, mechanical

Winches with hydraulic drive, two-drum drive


- grapple forks

- thrust plate,

- reinforced cab, with protective grids on the rear and rear

side windows,

- ZETOR 8002.138 diesel engine with turbocharging,

- mechanical transmission (drive on all wheels),

- hydraulic steering - breaking the frame with a hydraulic cylinder,

- mechanical transmission (five gears forward and one reverse)

- winch with hydraulic drive, two-drum, electro-hydraulic controlled, with free unwinding of the rope, pull on the rope 80 kN.

- ALLIANCE tires 18.4-30 consumption approx. 90%,

- chains on wheels.

Forestry tractors (skidders) are used in semi-suspended logging of wood and for laying wood in stock- pile. The tractor frame consists of two parts joined together, which gives the tractor a great maneuverability.

Starting the engine from its own power source. After starting the engine work uneven, the engine dims, the revolutions ripple.

To verify the cooling system, visible steam leakage in the system.

Engine flooded with oil - visible extensive leaks.

Fuel supply system - to be verified. Visible 5-liter tank with oil attached to the side of the engine (power and overflow wires connected to it).

Fuel system wires - cut.

Engine side covers left and right - lack.

Winch ropes - none.

Cabin - corrosion centers.

Transmission - loose work of the jack, it's hard to find the right gear.

Clutch - jerks

Brakes - very poor performance.

Side guards for rope reels - dented.

An attempt of movement was performed - driving around the square, winches were not started.

It is recommended to check the tractor in a specialist workshop.

Lack of instruction manual, parts catalogue.

The tractor has one set of keys.

Siemens Finance Sp.z o.o.

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Объявление о продаже ZTS TESS LKT 81 Turbo сельскохозяйственное оборудование и принадлежности размещено на Mascus, онлайн-рынке б/у спецтехники и оборудования Подробности - Складской номер: AFF1510, Кол-во отработаного времени (моточасы): 1 887 ч, Серийный номер: 8879