Бензогенератор Petrol Generator 6.5 kW AVR CIMEX PG8000S - Болгария

600 EUR
600 EUR
Видео [Other] Petrol Generator 6.5 kW AVR CIMEX PG8000S
Тип машиныБензогенератор
Марка / модельPetrol Generator 6.5 kW AVR CIMEX PG8000S
Год выпуска2019
Дополнительные опцииНовый
Страна местонахождения
Mascus ID0794F2D5
Выбор валюты
Цена без НДС17 200 UAH  (500 EUR)
НДС (20%)3 440 UAH
Цена с учетом НДС 20 640 UAH  (600 EUR)
Итоговая оценка (1-5)
Двигатель CIMEX PG8000S
Мощность двигателя6,50 кВт (9 л.с.)
Частота50 Hz
Напряжение220 В
Объём цистерны25 l
Масса89 кг
Габариты (ДхШхВ)700 x 550 x 550
Страна производстваБолгария
Прочая информацияPetrol generator 6.5 kW, AVR, ATS socket for emergency start and electrical start - CIMEX PG8000S – is next level update of the previous model with a new design V-shaped framing. Unlike old models, the power generator by CIMEX is offering more mobility and more autonomy with one charge of the tank. With a maximum output of 6.5 kW and a rated power of 6.0 kW, this petrol generator is an ideal assistant on every construction site. Mobile and convenient for transport, the generator is able also to provide enough power to all kinds of power tools.

Whether you want to support with electricity a demolishing breaker, an angle grinder or a welder inverter machine (up to 180A), you will have the power reserve that you need.

The Nonprofessional use such as power supply of office spaces, houses, RVs, village houses is more than satisfactory with CIMEX PG8000S petrol power generator. Standard equipped with an AVR (automatic output voltage regulator) prevents overloads and it keeps your equipment safe from spikes in the voltage. Built-in overvoltage regulator helps you for power supplying office equipment, UPSs, black and white household appliances, air conditioners and more. Designed to work as an emergency power generator, the model has an ATS connection socket to its control board for automatic start-up. When the power supply is cut off the additional ATS switchboard is starting automatically and autonomously the power generator to prevent lack of electricity.

The power generator CIMEX PG8000S has a metal tube frame. The chassis is with built-in rubber swabs for reducing vibrations and wheels for perfect mobility. The shape of the frame provides generator components protection by mechanical impacts. Chassis and its handles make it easier to move and transport surroundings. The wheel diameter and allow the power generator body to be moved on rugged terrains.

The tank has a volume of 25 litres and a fuel level indicator. Its capacity allows operating 8 to 10 hours autonomously with a single charge.

Генератор за ток 6.5 kW, AVR, LTS, електрически старт - CIMEX PG8000S - ТОП ЦЕНА!The ignition key is placed directly on the front panel and it gives a boost to an electric starter. As an emergency power generator, the choke of the engine is also automatic.

A digital display is placed also on the control panel and it is intelligently monitoring operating hours, frequency and output voltage.

The presence of a moto counter for showing operational hours solves an important problem for professional users - the oil change intervals. The timely replacement of the oil significantly increases the engine's working resource and ensures its trouble-free operation.

There are two 220 V output sockets, protected against moisture and dust by spring caps. The control board has built-in automatic overload protection to save the alternator.

The emergency power generator is also equipped with a 12 V / 8.3A DC terminal that can also be used in campers and to charge batteries – practically, right?

The alternator is high-quality: all-copper coils, guaranteeing constant power at a continuous load.

Technical Characteristics:

• Output voltage (V): 220 V / 50 Hz
• Number of phases: 1 (monophase)
• Rated current (A): 27.3
• Maximum power (kW): 6.5
• Output: 12V Yes - 12V / 8.3 A / DC
• Aut. voltage regulator (AVR): YES


• Fuel: Petrol
• Model: CIMEX PG8000S
• Power (hp): 16.0
• Number of cylinders: 1
• Cooling: Air
• Starter: Electric + manual
• Fuel tank volume (l): 25

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